Friday, 6 April 2012

Songs to write to!

Writer's block is a bastard of a concept that makes me feel useless; if I can't write, what the bloody hell else am I suppose to do? This was suppose to be one of the things I was decent at.

So when push comes to shove, you put some music on and just write, write for the sake of writing, whether it's crap or not, just to get something out there. It keeps the mind alive and the writer's work constant and sometimes very peculiar.

Here's a short list of songs and pieces of music that I think are great to write to!

Artist: Lisa Miskovsky
Song: Still Alive
Album: Mirrors Edge OST
Genre: Electronic

Artist: Damien Rice
Song: Dogs
Album: 9
Genre: Singer-songwriter

Artist: Goldmund
Song: Hope Avenue
Album: Famous Places
Genre: Chill-wave/Neo-classical

Artist: Boy Is Fiction
Song: My Veins Are Blocked
Album: Broadcasts In Colour
Genre: IDM

Artist: Kashiwa Daisuke
Song: Stella
Album: Program Music I
Genre: God only knows

These are just some of the muscicians that help me through that pain in the pass that is writers block! If you have anyone's music that you use to inspire you, why not comment and let me know?
Until next time guys!


ernsthaft said...

" It keeps the mind alive and the writer's work constant and sometimes very peculiar."

uh yes this is actually very important and don't let be the first steps be the last ;)

btw Mirrors Edge OST is awesome!

Bill Pliskin said...

Put some of your writing up!

Justo Manrique said...

Nice, looking forward to see more posts :) Following!

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