Thursday, 26 April 2012

Top 5 reasons you should stop procrastinating

Despite the content of this list, I realise the irony of procrastinating by doing this and not actual work... But fuck it, right? Let's have some fun!

Get more done - You'll get more done if you stop procrastinating, which in turn makes everyone feel better! Not just you, but your significant other, your parent or your house-mates that have begun to worry if you'll ever actually do anything besides watch porn loudly at 3am.

Free time - If you stop thinking that procrastinating is your use of free-time, then you may actually be able to get some free time! Countless times my work schedule has been destroyed because of this bad boy. Just chilling on the interwebs? Checking out some funny pictures/videos? NOT COOL. That funny picture/video is not what it seems! It's the devil trying to tempt you away from the boring flock of people that do their work on time!

Dat success - Dat awkward moment when you actually finish work on time and have nothing to worry about? Sure, you could fill yourself up on this lovely feeling, or you could clean out your cupboard in search for that Christmas money you think is hidden in there.

Laughing at others - That's right! With the low low price of getting things done on time, you can mock others that haven't. Yes! And for a short period, if you finish your work now and order the hilarity then you'll get a free sense of superiority.


I didn't get this far, so here's a funny video.


Anonymous said...

I should maybe take some advice I keep putting things off and then the opportunity is gone. Fuck I'm so lazy. Nice vid by the way

Baur said...

That's enough reasons for me!

CodeMaster said...

You are right, it's time to stop procrastinating

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