Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday shares with Lavalamper!

Oh hi guys...

I've decided that every Tuesday from this point on, I'm going to review and share an album that I've been enjoying recently.
Whether this is an old album, something new, or an album from way back, I'm still going to review and share it, because I can and because life needs more music in it!

This week I shall be reviewing and sharing 'Ghinzu' and their album 'Blow'.

Artist - Ghinzu
Album - Blow
Genre - Alt Rock
Date - 2004
Sample - Cockpit Inferno

Ghinzu formed in 1999 in snowy Belgium, I'm sure it's not that snowy and that's beside the point, but that's how I've always imagined Belgium. They're a five piece band with an interesting sound that can probably be heard in a lot of other places, in terms of bands... Muse spring to mind straight away, without the very in your face, almost operatic vocals.
With a sound based, but not totally grounded in a typical rock sound, they've prodcued the album 'Blow'.
'Blow' combines an intresting assortment of sounds from the get-go, with the opening track, also being the title track. The opener is a well paced and gloriously put together eight minute masterpiece. The song also featured on the soundtrack to the movie 'Ex Drummer', which is also pretty sweet, go check it out.
The sound of Ghinzu is a morphing monster that potters around in piano, strings and all out rock and riffage. Tracks like 'Cockpit Inferno', a fast an punchy rock song with sprinkles of electronic elements and finally some classical style piano.
Although the vocals on this album are not exactly powerful, they deliver some riveting lyrics that give you a few real gems of lyrical content. Then again, there are less subtle tracks that just have some hilariously out there lyrics 'Til you faint' comes to mind straight away; with it's repeated chorus and basic song structure, you just can't help but feel as if it's just a raunchier, louder, pop-song.
'Til you faint', leads onto a track that you'd think would go with the theme with the title 'Sweet love', but instead, it takes you into a sweet piano ballad-style-thing, that illuminates the mood of this album from, sketchy, to somewhat heart-felt.
'Sweet love' is real shinner on this album, with great vocals and lots of different elements working together with the twinkly piano.
The song-writing 'Blow' is something that really gleams in this world of typical, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and outro, songs. It gives me faith a plenty in the world of music that makes me believe; there is still great music out there! And originality is not dead.
Songs like 'Mine', 'High Voltage Queen (The Reign Of)' and 'Seaside friends', just emit this sense of great showmanship and a band that really adore making great music for the fans.
Mentioning 'Seaside Friends', this song just sounds like a real festival song... Just sayin'. 

To tie things up though, this album is a real gem that everyone should look into listening to at least once.
If not for the great song construction, do it for the fact that Belgium is awesome! And snowy and has lots of chocolates and stuff!

Hope you have fun with this album, should you look into getting it.
Until next time, always remember...
One life, then you're a mannequin.



Ryan Taylor said...

I really enjoyed 'blow' c:
thanks for the suggestion
your blog is quickly becoming my favorite

Lava Lamper said...

Oh stop! I'll blush!
And seriously, blushing makes me look terrible.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

I remember rocking out to this album in high school.

Bill Pliskin said...

They sound kind of blah. Would I be correct in my assessment?

Lava Lamper said...

Guess it depends what sort of music you like Bill! Haha.

ben268 said...

It's an okay albumn, worth listening to atleast once.

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