Monday, 21 May 2012

Dear Food

Hello Food,

I saw you the other day, looking at me in the store; couldn't afford you though, not the good you anyway.
So instead, I bought your cheap cousin.
Although she hasn't managed to give me food poisoning yet, I'm feeling sick in the mornings, so I think you should know that you may need to get tested, just sayin'.

Evening/morning/afternoon everybody...
It's been awhile and with great disappointment in myself, I want to apologies for the lack on content as of recently, but this thing:
Has been causing me some real problems, so, I've been trying to remedy this situation to some effect, but very little.
Again, I would like to apologise and say hello to the people who follow me.


Alright? How you doin'?
Family good?
Yeah, you know, getting by and all that.


Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Oh man, never again... been there before, now I just buy fruit, veggies, bread, rice, and other healthy cheap edibles.

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